The Big Cover-Up

Reading: Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18

Introduction: One of the things that Jesus detested more than anything else, He addresses 3x here in verses 2, 5 & 16: "hypocrites"

"hypocrite" Greek hupokritees = "one who answers, one who reads a scripts; a play-actor, a stage-actor, one who puts on an act, a performer; a pretender."

"hypocrite" used 20x in the Gospels (used 15x alone in Matthew's Gospel!)

*It was customary for Greek and Roman actors to speak and perform in wearing large masks with mechanical devices for amplifying the volume of the voice

- therefore, the word "hypocrite" came to be used symbolically of someone who disguised themselves in order to give a false impression

- "hypocrites" are those who speak or act from under a mask! - the hypocrite conceals their true motives under a cloak and mask of make-believe!